• Teen Strength & Conditioning Camps

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide athletes with unique and effective strength and conditioning to promote proper development physically and mentally through a very crucial stage of life.

Our Goal

Our goal is to implement our athletic development system to athletes to maximize their potential in all facets of sport, exercise and life.

Our Program

How fast we run, how high we jump and how much weight we can lift are dependent on our ability to produce force—that is rapidly shifting from an eccentric/negative contraction (the lengthening of the muscle) to a concentric/positive contraction (the shortening of the muscle). The ability to shift from negative to positive is what sets average athletes from elite athletes. The foundation of our program is to gain maximal recruitment of fast and slow-twitch muscle fiber, improve biomechanics/range of motion to create structural balance between opposing muscle groups & dominant to non-dominant sides of the body and to strengthen the neural pathways between the brain, central nervous system and the muscular system. Performance nutrition is also at the forefront of our programming and development of our athletes; choosing the right type, amount and timing of intake of foods, fluids and supplements so that each athlete is thriving in their training and sports.

  • Maximum Recruitment
    We believe the more muscles an athlete can recruit will in turn create the greatest potential for force generation, maximal strength/speed and anaerobic/aerobic conditioning.
  • Biomechanics/R.O.M
    Improving biomechanics/range of motion contributes to improved performance through improved technique, coordination and synergy within the body, it also plays a crucial role in injury prevention.
  • Neural Pathway
    The brain is the control center for the whole body, When the messages from your brain are clear, fast and accurate, everything gets better; power, force, strength, speed, decision making, responsiveness, balance, coordination and skill learning will improve.
  • Performance Nutrition
    Hydration, recovery and performance will be at best when the athlete is fueling their body with the proper nutrients to maximize their full potential. Breakfast, pre-training/games, during training/games, post training/games are the areas we focus on most to help the athlete integrate proper habits to help them perform at their best everyday.
  • Fitness Combine Testing Day
    Fitness testing is very important in the development and programming of each athlete to determine the best plan of action and approach to have a successful offseason. Each athlete will be assessed individually on strength, power, speed, agility and conditioning to provide us with the camps average for each category and to determine the overall strengths and weaknesses of each athlete, which in turn will provide us with the knowledge to develop a specialized program to maximize their training potential and to bring the athletes up as a whole.

The Combine

  • Upper Body Push/Core Strength
    Push Up Test-1 Rep Every 5 Seconds until failure or mechanical failure
  • Upper Body Pull/Core/Grip Strength
    Isometric Pull Up Position Hold (Timed)
  • Lower Strength
    Isometric Extreme Wall Sit Position (Timed)
  • Lower Body Explosiveness
    Standing Broad Jump (3 attempts at furthest distance)
  • Lower Body Power
    20 Yard Sled Push—Body Weight (20 yards—Timed—3 Attempts)
  • Multidirectional Speed
    Shuttle Run: 5-10-5 Test (Time Trial)
  • Top Speed
    40 Yard Sprint (Time Trial)
  • Aerobic Capacity Testing
    300m Test-6 x 25m out 25m back (Time Trial)
  • Full Body Strength
    Farmers Carry-1/2 Body Weight-100 Yards (Timed)

Ages: 12 +

All regular sessions are 1 hour in length
Fitness combine testing days are 90 minutes in length

All Tuesday & Thursday session are held at 4:00pm
All Saturday sessions are held at 11:00am

Program Length:
12 weeks (October 1st - December 21st)


October November December
1st Tuesday (FITNESS TESTING DAY) 2nd Saturday 3rd Tuesday
3rd Thursday 5th Tuesday 5th Thursday
5th Saturday 7th Thursday 7th Saturday
8th Tuesday 9th Saturday (FITNESS TESTING DAY) 10th Tuesday
10th Thursday 12th Tuesday 12th Thursday
12th Saturday 14th Thursday 14th Saturday
15th Tuesday 16th Saturday 17th Tuesday
17th Thursday 19th Tuesday 19th Thursday
19th Saturday 21st Thursday 21st Saturday (FITNESS TESTING DAY)
22nd Tuesday 23rd Saturday  
24th Thursday 26th Tuesday  
26th Saturday 28th Thursday  
29th Tuesday 30th Saturday  
31st Thursday    

Ages: 11 & Under

All regular sessions are 1 hour in length
Fitness combine testing days are 90 minutes in length

All Monday & Wednesday Camps are held at 6:30pm
All Saturday sessions are held at 11:30am

Program Length:
12 weeks (October 1st - December 21st)


October November December
2nd Wednesday (FITNESS TESTING DAY) 2nd Saturday 2nd Monday
5th Saturday 4th Monday 4th Wednesday
7th Monday 6th Wednesday 7th Saturday
9th Wednesday 9th Saturday (FITNESS TESTING DAY) 9th Monday
12th Saturday 11th Monday 11th Wednesday
14th Monday 13th Wednesday 14th Saturday
16th Wednesday 16th Saturday 16th Monday
19th Saturday 18th Monday 18th Wednesday
21st Monday 20th Wednesday 21st Saturday (FITNESS TESTING DAY)
23rd Wednesday 23rd Saturday  
26th Saturday 25th Monday  
28th Monday 27th Wednesday  
30th Wednesday 30th Saturday  

12 Weeks -- Elite Plus -- Unlimited -- $800.00 + HST (Best Value)

  • 3 Sessions Per Week
  • 3 Fitness Combine Testing Days
  • 36 Total Sessions
  • 1 Hour Nutrition Consultation

12 Weeks -- Elite Level 2 -- $600.00 + HST

  • 2 Sessions Per Week
  • 3 Fitness Combine Testing Days
  • 24 Total Sessions

12 Week -- Elite Level 1 -- $360.00 + HST

  • 1 Session Per Week
  • 3 Fitness Combine Testing Days
  • 12 Total Sessions

20 Session Flex Package - $500.00
20 Sessions that can be used for regular training days or combine fitness testing days

10 Session Flex Package - $300.00
10 Sessions that can be used for regular training day or combine fitness testing days.