• Personal Training

    Geared toward your individual goals, our specific and periodized programs are customizable to ensure that your goals are met. Based off initial assessments (body composition, strength and capacity tests), our strength coaches will design and implement your periodized personal training program.

    • Group Training

    Not only is group training cost effective, but the energy of the group atmosphere will ensure that you are pushed throughout the duration of your workout. Our groups vary from upper/lower body strength days to aerobic/anaerobic energy systems days. Check out our schedule to choose from our variety of sessions.

    • Athletic Development

    Our Strength & Conditioning Specialists have the expertise to improve the sport-specific performance of athletes of all ages. Through our athletic-based assessment protocol, the coach will create an individualized program in order to improve mobility, stability, strength and power...ultimately, improving performance. Youth athletes will be challenged to improve coordination, flexibility agility and strength. Group and Individual programming are available. If you are involved in competitive sport - or just want to amp up your workouts - book one of our strength coaches today!

    • Youth & Teen Program

    Beauchamp fitness Youth Camps are a series of fun fast paced & high energy 60-minute training sessions focusing on developing the youth of today for the challenges of tomorrow. Youth Groups are open to both male and female children 12 years old and younger and Teen camps are open to both male and female children 13 years and older. Our program focuses on teaching our youth & teens the fundamentals of fitness, health and wellness through education of proper exercise technique, proper hydration & nutrition for the young athlete. Our goal is to improve the young athlete’s coordination, speed, agility, strength and confidence in a variety of exercise protocols, which will not only better prepare the young athlete for sport but will also prevent injuries now and in the future. We teach the fundamentals of exercise and movement in a fun and high energy atmosphere that helps build and promote self-confidence, team work and mindset! Plus, your kids will sleep better, feel better and have improved energy and focus!

    Our program focuses on:

    • Fundamentals of exercise & movement.
    • 3D movement patterns.
    • Proper Biomechanics & muscular activation/firing patterns.
    • Mobility, Flexibility & Functional Range of motion.
    • Foundational Strength, Power & Explosiveness.
    • Speed, Agility and conditioning.
    • Core strength & hip stability.
    • Postural/Rotator cuff strength & stability.

    Proper hydration & nutrition.

    • Nutrition Programs

    As a leading Burlington training facility, Beauchamp Fitness emphasizes the importance of combining nutrition with programed training. We rely on science, not fads, using current proven methods to increase performance and to change body composition. Our nutrition programs include detailed intake assessments (which help guide us to determine future nutrition strategy), body composition analysis and a daily meal-by-meal program.

    • Athletic Therapy and Cupping

    Our Athletic Therapists are highly qualified, multi-skilled health care professionals who collaborate with physicians to provide preventative services, emergency care, clinical impressions, therapeutic intervention and rehabilitation of injuries and medical conditions. Treatments and services include Orthopaedic Assessment/Treatment,Manual Therapy, Fascial Cupping, Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST), Custom Orthotics, Prophylactic Taping / Bracing, Medical Grade Compression Socks and Field Event Coverage

    • Specialty Camps

    Coming soon

    • Team Training

    Want to give your team the edge to dominant the competition this season? The goal of team training with Beauchamp fitness is to build strength, endurance and prevent injuries so that your team is excelling, progressing and growing together to prepare for the competitive season ahead. Our athletic development coaches will assess the sport and team to construct the best approach to excel in your sports movement patterns, energy system needs, force production and common injury sites. We focus on offseason development plans, as we’ll as in season maintenance plans.

    • Teen Strength & Conditioning Camps

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide athletes with unique and effective strength and conditioning to promote proper development physically and mentally through a very crucial stage of life.

    Our Goal

    Our goal is to implement our athletic development system to athletes to maximize their potential in all facets of sport, exercise and life.